Alexandra Schmidt

PhD student

I am interested in aquatic systems, biodiversity and genomics. My current research focusses on population genomics of two key baltic phytoplankton species over a time period of ~ 8,000 years. I want to find possible adaptations to changing evironment by targeting genomic regions (SNPs, variations) of interest using hybridisation enrichment. I work with already available recent genomic data to screen for such variations.

My research is part of the project "PhytoArk" , funded by the Leibniz Association and the funding programme "Collaborative Excellence".

List of publications:

Schmidt, A., Schneider, C., Decker, P., Hohberg, K., Römbke, J., Lehmitz, R., & Bálint, M. (2022). Shotgun metagenomics of soil invertebrate communities reflects taxonomy, biomass, and reference genome properties. Ecology and Evolution, 12(6).

Merges, D., Schmidt, A., Schmit, I., Neuschulz, E. L., Dal Grande, F., & Bálint, M. (2022). Metatranscriptomics reveals contrasting effects of elevation on the activity of bacteria and bacterial viruses in soil. Molecular Ecology, mec.16756.

Collins, G., Schneider, C., Boštjančić, L.L., Burkhardt, U., Christian, A., Decker, P., Ebersberger, I., Hohberg, K., Lecompte, O., Merges, D., Muelbaier, H., Romahn, J., Römbke, J., Rutz, C., Schmelz, R., Schmidt, A., Theissinger, K., Veres, R., Lehmitz, R., Pfenninger, M., Bálint, M., 2023. The MetaInvert soil invertebrate genome resource provides insights into below-ground biodiversity and evolution. Commun Biol 6, 1241.

Seeber, P.A., Palmer, Z., Schmidt, A., Chagas, A., Kitagawa, K., Marinova-Wolff, E., Tafelmaier, Y., Epp, L.S., 2023. The first European woolly rhinoceros mitogenomes, retrieved from cave hyena coprolites, suggest long-term phylogeographic differentiation. Biol. Lett. 19, 20230343.