Introduction to ecological modelling

For biologists (Batchelor)

Together with D. Straile

Contents: Introduction to theoretical ecology and development of mathematical and numerical formulation of models for ecosystem interactions.

Predator-prey interactions, competition, age structured populations, transport and population growth, numerical techniques to solve differential equations and diffusion problems.

Modelling course: introduction to MATLAB, design of code to solve mathematical models for biological interactions, sensitivity studies, limits of numerical solvers.

Concepts in Ecology

Biologists (Masters)

Together with K-O Rothhaupt

Inhalt: Lecture concerned with important concepts in ecology: stoichiometry, optimal foraging, demography, life history, facilitation and mutualism, chemical communication, predor-prey interaction, biodiversity, food webs, spatial ecology, biological invasions, aquatic ecology, food quality

General Limnology (in Freiburg i. Breisgau)

For biologists at the University in Freiburg

Together with K-O Rothhaupt, B. Schink, R. Eckmann

Content: The course provides basic knowledge and an overview in limnology. Teaching of the environmental physics group covers the topics: Physical processes in limnic ecosystems. methods and concepts in physical limnology.

Seminar: Selected topics in environmental physics

Graduate students

Together with H. Hofmann

Content: Discussion of basic and current papers in

  • Aquatic physics: Surface waves, internal wave, sediment-water exchange, turbulence, ecosystem interactions.
  • Methane; global change, climatic warming
  • Modelling: numerical modelling of transport and biological interactions, water quality models, theoretical ecology.
  • Methods: time series analysis, statistical analysis, experimental techniques. Discussion of current manuscripts and research results of the environmental physics group.