Compulsory for students enrolled in the biology teacher programme

Contents: basic principles in physics and calculus as background for biology studies

Basic knowledge in physics: atomic nucleus, atom, radioactivity and dosimetry, Coulomb and gravitational force, mechanics, fluids, gas theory, heat and thermodynamics, diffusion and osmosis, electrostatics, diffusion of ions

Basic calculus: derivation, integration, logarithm, error analysis, differential equation, exponential and logistic growth

Introduction to ecological modelling for physicists

General Limnology

For biologists (Bachelor)

Together with K-O Rothhaupt, B. Schink, R. Eckmann

Content: The course provides basic knowledge and an overview in limnology. Teachcing of the environmental pyhsics group covers the topics: Physical processes in limnic ecosystems. methods and concepts in physical limnology.

Seminar: Selected topics in environmental physics

Graduate students

Togetehr with H. Hofmann.

Contents: Discussion of basic and current papers in

  • Aquatic physics: Surface waves, internal wave, sediment-water exchange, turbulence, ecosystem interactions.
  • Methane; global change, climatic warming
  • Modelling: numerical modelling of transport and biological interactions, water quality models, theoretical ecology.
  • Methods: time series analysis, statistical analysis, experimental techniques.

Discussion of current manuscripts and research results of the environmental physics group.

for biologists (Masters)

Together with H. Hofmann


Lectures: Currents and transport processes in lakes and oceans, exchange processes at system boundaries (atmosphere-water, sediment-water), the role of physical processes in aquatic ecosystems, connection between physical and biological processes in aquatic systems, experimental methods and data analysis techniques in physical limnology, tracer techniques and climate change.

Lab- and field course: scientific research projects directly related to current research project of the environmental physics

Seminar: current research papers related to the projects conducted in the lab and field course.