Completed bachelor's and master's theses

MSc theses      

2022 - 2023 Anna Weis "Investigating eukaryote communities across millennia in Lake Olzreuter"                   

2022 - 2023 Clara Linde Schlimbach "Metabarcoding of eukaryotes from the Late Glacial through the Holocene using sedimentary ancient DNA from Lake Constance"

2022 - 2023 Laura Batke "Tracking ancient DNA of mammals in sediment cores of the Northern Yamal Peninsula"

2021   Leonardos Leonardos "Drivers of vegetation change in Northern Norway in the past 1000 years"

2021   Patrick Bartolin "Detection, identification and tracking of different Cobitis species in Baden-Wuerttemberg using environmental DNA"

2021   Rebecca Kühner "Evaluation of aquatic eDNA for water bird monitoring"

2020   Lisa Gutbrod "Tracking the establishment and effect of neozoa in Lake Constance under recent climate change


BSc theses        

2021  Simon Grundmüller "Evaluating techniques to specifically track benthic and pelagic fish species using environmental DNA"

2020   Kim-Isabelle Mayer "Quantification of Arctic herbivores in paleo-ecosystems using ancient DNA shotgun suquencing data"

2020   Franziska Fiolka "Detection of the invasive crayfish Pacifastatcus leniusculus in Southern Germany using environmental DNA"

2020   Jasmin Langbein "Metabarcoding primer desing for Cladocera"