Dr. Eva Lievens

Research interest

- Evolutionary ecology, in particular life history evolution and evolutionary epidemiology

- Host-parasite coevolution

- Eco-evolutionary dynamics

Current projects

Currently, I am using an algae-virus system (Chlorella variabilis - PBCV-1 virus) to investigate the effects of parasite life history traits on the epidemiology and evolution of coevolving host-parasite systems.

since 2018 Postdoc at the University of Konstanz, Germany
2017Postdoctoral researcher; MIVEGEC & CEFE, Montpellier, France
2013-2016PhD in Evolution and Biodiversity; University of Montpellier, France
2010-2012  Erasmus Mundus Master in Evolutionary Biology; University of Montpellier 2, France & Uppsala University, Sweden
2007-2010Bachelor or Biology; Ghent University, Belgium

Publication list

E.J.P. Lievens, N.O. Rode, J. Landes, A. Segard, R. Jabbour-Zahab, Y. Michalakis, and T. Lenormand (in press). Long-term prevalence data reveals spillover dynamics in a multi-host (Artemia), multi-parasite (Microsporidia) community. International Journal for Parasitology, doi: 10.1101/248542.

E.J.P. Lievens, J.M.A. Perreau, P. Agnew, Y. Michalakis*, and T. Lenormand* (2018). Decomposing parasite fitness reveals the basis of specialization in a two-host, two-parasite system. Evolution Letters 2:390-405, doi: 10.1002/evl3.65. *equal contribution

E.J.P. Lievens, G.J.B. Henriques, Y. Michalakis, and T. Lenormand (2016). Maladaptive sex ratio adjustment in invasive Artemia franciscana. Current Biology 26:1463-67.

A. Kotrschal*, E.J.P. Lievens*, J. Dahlbomb, A. Bundsen, S. Semenovac, M. Sundvikc, A.A. Maklakov, S. Winberg, P. Panula, and N. Kolm (2014). Artificial selection on relative brain size reveals a positive genetic correlation between brain size and proactive personality in the guppy. Evolution 68:1139-49. *equal contribution

N.O. Rode, E.J.P. Lievens, E. Flaven, A. Segard, R. Jabbour-Zahab, and T. Lenormand (2013). Cryptic microsporidian parasites differentially affect invasive and native Artemia spp. International Journal for Parasitology 43:795-803.

N.O. Rode, J. Landes, E.J.P. Lievens, E. Flaven, A. Segard, R. Jabbour-Zahab, Y. Michalakis, P. Agnew, C.P. Vivarès, and T. Lenormand (2013). Cytological, molecular and life cycle characterization of Anostracospora rigaudi n. g., n. sp. and Enterocytospora artemiae n. g., n. sp., two new microsporidian parasites infecting gut tissues of the brine shrimp Artemia. Parasitology 140:1168-85.

N.O. Rode*, E.J.P. Lievens*, E. Flaven, A. Segard, R. Jabbour-Zahab, M.I. Sanchez, and T. Lenormand (2013). Why join groups? Lessons from parasite-manipulated Artemia. Ecology Letters 16:493–501. *equal contribution