Elena Horas

Research interest

I am really interested in combining both the fields of ecology and evolution into my research. During my PhD I aim to disentangle the eco-evolutionary dynamics of different species interactions using the algae Chlorella variabilis as the focal species. Following an experimental approach I will look at population dynamics and evolutionary adaptations, supported by genomic analyses and ecological modelling.

since 2017 since 2017 PhD student at MPI Plön (Germany) and now at University of Konstanz
2017 MSc Freshwater and Marine Ecology at QMUL (UK)

BSc Marine Biology at University of Liverpool (UK)

Publication list

Horas, E., L. Theodosiou, and L. Becks. 2018. Why Are Algal Viruses Not Always Successful? Viruses 10, 474; doi:10.3390/v10090474